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Tremulamp 18/12/2018
TL;DR: if only this were more of a light and less of a gadget, nice but inelegant. I'll start by saying that i wouldn't normally pre-order anything, i'd always rather wait for reviews from the early adopters to come in before parting with my money, but on this occasion i decided to take a punt, and for £11.50 i don't think i can really complain. The light is quite well constructed, metal and leather parts looking particularly nice, the translucent plastic that makes up the bulk of the light has a slight blue cast to it which makes the overall appearance a touch cheap, but doesn't seem to affect the light output in operation. The leather strap is a nice detail, unfortunately mine seems to have a slight manufacturing defect, a deep score in the back of the strap, which may well shorten its useful life. I ordered the classic model, which comes with a magnetic charging stand equipped with two pogo pin type contacts, this seems like a wonderful idea in theory, but the execution is somewhat impractical, the magnet isn't strong enough to ensure that the light sits correctly on the contacts every time, and the shape of the dish does little to guide it, when placing the light on its base it's pot luck as to whether or not the device will make good contact with the pins and begin charging, and as the status LED is at the rear, there's no indication of success or failure without rotating the charger. It might be nice to have some kind of slow flash from the light itself to confirm charging, and such a feature is surely feasible with a firmware update. This is a light that cries out for simple touch or gesture based operation, especially the cute version which seems to be designed with kids in mind, but sadly instead uses a tiny, hard to press button on the rear of the unit, along with PIR sensor for nightlight use, and roome's intelligent HEP learning feature, the manual has no explanation of how to switch between any of these modes, and i've often picked the light up and turned it on only for it to flash at me, or switch itself off after a few seconds, and i'm not entirely sure why, over-complicated smart features and that awkward switch mar what would otherwise be a fantastic little lamp for a very low price, but maybe blitzwolf and roome can figure out a way to allow for gesture control using the PIR module and push out a firmware update, or if such a thing is already possible, just publish a more comprehensive manual.

Exclave This is compatible with Bluetooth controlled Xiaomi Mijia philips Zhirui LED Ceiling Lamps.

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: can you have one transmitter with two receivers?

Manole Marius 2018-03-02 03:05:15

Tremulamp The manual seems to suggest that you can have many to one or one to many, depending on requirements. unfortunately i'm not sure where you'd get the additional receiver, they're only sold paired with a transmitter.

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Tremulamp The intended means is by the use of an included double-sided sticky pad, but the rear of the unit looks like it could be mounted on a bracket if one were available.

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wujiahui Yes, as long as it meets your design needs.

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