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lumenvault 2020-06-14 20:44:56
The flashlight has superb and is very handy compare to other make and model that uses the sbt90.2 led. The size of xt45 is so baggable and you won't even worry if you carry it everyday inside your bag. The size is almost identical to the convoy c8+, except that the head of this beast has much heat sinking design and also has better reflector dimensions. The feeling when you hold it is supreme. I have compared it to the astrolux ft03 xhp50.2 which is rated 4300 lumens at 700+ meters throw too, and amutorch xt45 overwhelmed it. This will surely become my main edc from now on. All the modes are very useful. the low mode is even good enough at distance about 180+ meters. For the beam profile, it is my ideal beam profile. Im a throw with balanced flood and bright spill guy. This suits my needs. I would choose flashlight that has beam profiles like this over those with almost just a dot beam. I want something that can be used ok everyday task. Not just something to play with. And this thing rocks on both of these worlds. This flashlight is highly recommended to people who wants to experience the power of sbt90.2 at the price which is much affordable than what others are offering. Again, this light throws a bit more than the ft03, plus brighter than 1.7 times in a "SMALL BODY". Not to mention that the light itself is so easy to hold as seen on my photos here. The trees on my uploaded photo here has distance of approx. 180+ meters. Juts look at how it even illuminated a wide area around it aside from having a tremendous great balanced beam profile. Gorgeous. And you nailed it Amutorch. kudos to amutorch ! * i have a facebook and youtube review and will be posted soon at lumenvault page, crfi facebook group and bullfrog reviews channel on youtube. :)
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