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Q: Hi, this wireless charging is for all smartphones? thank you

Asked by johnnys14 on 2020-04-17 09:39:03

BG183217411 For some models

2022-03-26 12:12:43 Helpful (0)
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johnnys14 Hi,how do i use the green material ? do i need to melt down ? because it´s hard as a rock

ICEFPV 12/03/2019
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johnnys14 Hihow can i use this blue stuff polishing metal? do i need to melt down the green material?thank you

dalalshardul 01/12/2018
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Q: does this work with canada network provider

Asked by BG848324601 on 2020-12-19 08:10:46

johnnys14 I think yes because it´s a global phone it works in Americas so yes you can see on Oukitel C21 specs 2G: GSM: B2(1900)/B3(1800)/B5(850)/B8(900) (Global Version

2020-12-19 10:46:34 Helpful (0)
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Q: available Polish instructions?

Asked by Emil Woś on 2020-11-20 06:33:01

johnnys14 The phone have an instruction manual that have a lot of languages not sure if it has Polish tho it might have but if you understand in English you Will not have a problem

2020-11-24 08:08:38 Helpful (0)
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Q: tienes envios a mexico ?

Asked by BG175355121 on 2020-11-20 10:17:33

johnnys14 Tienes que perguntar ao vendedor mas penso que si que envia para todo mundo

2020-11-24 07:19:12 Helpful (0)
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Q: Hi. this item sent me my country is cyprus??

Asked by christos costantinou on 2020-11-22 07:54:34

johnnys14 Yes i mean this is a global version i ordered mine and took 2 weeks to Portugal and everything went well

2020-11-24 07:16:30 Helpful (0)
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Q: Hello, can i use it in Europe? thank you

Asked by johnnys14 on 2020-08-29 05:32:38

Ergative You can go to this topic to check if this phone can be used in your country.

2020-09-01 02:16:49 Helpful (1)
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