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Q: Hi. May I use it at 868 Mhz for Europe if I install a 868 Antenna ?

Asked by denisremacle on 2019-10-02 03:32:36

Yurii This not tested by me, but this may answer ( --- I have a Dragino LoRa product with 868Mhz, Can i use it in 433Mhz? No,in hardware side, the 433Mhz module use the LF Radio path in hardware(410 ~525Mhz ), and 868Mhz use the HF radio path (862 ~1020Mhz ) of LoRa chip. To save space and support PA mode, there is no radio path for LF in the 868Mhz module. So use 433Mhz in 868 module won't work, (actually it might work if you put both transmit and receive device very very close)

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