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Q: How can I activate CVC digital noise reduction?

Asked by sanya69 on 2020-09-23 04:21:06

PrinceRohitSingh no any button to activate noise cancelling its automatically start while calling

2020-09-28 02:27:49 Helpful (1)
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Q: What does S3 switch do?

Asked by sanya69 on 2020-03-01 11:52:07

David Like the S2 function, you can adjust the length of time.

2020-03-01 07:51:30 Helpful (2)
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Q: Is it possible to use it AD-HOC? There is no internet nearby..

Asked by sanya69 on 2018-01-16 06:21:46

roguestreak If you flash it with Tasmota firmware you can do whatever the hell you want, on your local network. Most setup a local MQTT server (eg. raspberry pi, desktop), but it can be controlled directly without MQTT too, there are http commands and it has a webpage interface if you hit the IP address directly

2018-06-26 04:31:20 Helpful (2)
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Q: what firmware does it have, English or Chinese?

Asked by waterman on 2019-04-21 08:06:17

sanya69 Set automatic translation on in your browser :)

2019-06-03 03:23:05 Helpful (0)
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sanya69 I wanted to use it on my laptop, but I received a blutooth version, instead of wifi, so it's useless to me...

sanya69 26/03/2018
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