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pataga I just received this board silkscreen version T5_V2.3.1_2.13 Confirming the banggood link to ESP-Badge code in Visual Studio Code with Platformio works with the following changes to the file GxGDEM0213B74.h under GxEPD library subdirectory ( set rst and busy pins correctly) class GxGDEM0213B74 : public GxEPD { public: #if defined(ESP8266) GxGDEM0213B74(GxIO &io, int8_t rst = 2, int8_t busy = 4); #else GxGDEM0213B74(GxIO &io, int8_t rst = 16, int8_t busy = 4); #endif and uncomment this display selection for GxGDEM0213B74.h at top of main.cpp ======================================================================================================== Also confirmed working with Arduino 1.8.13 using GxEPD2 library example GxEPD2_MinimumExample.ino, using this constructor GxEPD2_BW display(GxEPD2_213_B74(5, 17, 16, 4));

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