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Q: serve para cães de até quantos kilos?

Asked by BG361751453 on 2021-06-12 06:09:55

donaldsneffe 7kg

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donaldsneffe 04/03/2021
This is an awesome little truck with full metal chassis and metal beadlock wheels. But if you want to know the truth, continue to read this review and watch my review video in the video section. This truck has good and bads, and the super high price makes it a shelf warmer. The truck does not come with any manual, what is quite a bummer, the more because it has a super akward and complicated mounting system for wheels. Comes with the TurboRacing radio and 2-in-1 receiver/rx unit, as the HobbyPlus trucks, Katana, Atlas, so easy tu upgrade with a receiver. The body is mounted by 2 magnets only. Not perfect, but ok. Front magnet comes off easily. Body looks good, but stickers are awful. Super cheap stickers for door handles, windshield whipers, ... like a toy. Battery seems to be a Lipo (at least USB charger charges up to 4.2 V/cell), no labelling, no c-rate, far too large for such a tiny truck, but 1500 mAh labelling seems strange. Ground clearance is very poor, and shackles and trailer hitch, which you get as accesories, will make it even (far) worse. HG-18 comes with a tiny 130 motor (with huge 16 AWG wires on it and huge, cheap motor plugs!) with a reduction gearbox (?). This makes it super (too) slow, but with very good low-speed modulation. Metal drivetrain is of awsome build quality. Metal shocks do come with springs far (!) too soft. Worst part: Wheel mounting system. 1.0 beadlock wheels, RC4WD tires will fit, tires easy to mount, stock tires with foams ok, but not very good. Mounting of wheels is the by far biggest minus of the HG-18. No 7 mm hex! No aftermarket rims can be mounted. Rear wheels are easy to take off and mount, but front wheels are super difficult, the most xxx way of mounting rims to the axles I have ever seen. Since no manual is included to this truck, it is even harder. See my review in the video section to check this in detail. Biggest negative of this truck: Way of mounting the wheels.
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Q: Metal gears or plastic?

Asked by Genaro on 2022-06-25 09:10:03

donaldsneffe Metal gears in axles, plastic gears in central transmission.

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Jaquen After reconfirmation, the supplier said that there was no difference.You can choose any of these three types.

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Q: What is the difference between the three versions?

Asked by donaldsneffe on 2022-06-22 06:02:14

Tracy suitable for different types airplanes.

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Q: when restock available?

Asked by Cayzios on 2018-04-24 02:29:17

donaldsneffe discontinued

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donaldsneffe Yes,there is a print on top.

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