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Q: What kind of harddisk?

Asked by jorgen on 2017-11-13 12:58:35

BG351738321 SSD, 2.5", NAS drive (red), PC drive (blue) work fine. Just take attention to the hdd power, else, y Bye, Felicia

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zerobug you can use any hdd. i have tried with a 10 years old 5400rpm HDD 3.5" working well with 12v 2A power supply. A NAS drive need less power and write the data faster as a classic hdd. That means NAS drive should have a better lifetime, So if you have more than 4 cam you want to record in 1280*720p you ll probably need a NAS/red built. but a pc drive make the job perfectly. SSD or 2.5" HDD could also be use

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