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Q: Does it have Pass-Through Charging?

Asked by BG451545425 on 2022-04-28 09:44:57

Mannix No Pass-Through Charging on the DC12V. The rest of the outputs works while charging EXCEPT the 12V

2022-06-25 03:33:47 Helpful (0)
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albert shlomo dear sirs i byed this item the instrution is not readble will you please send the wire connection thank you

2019-07-29 01:19:19 Helpful (2)
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Q: DO NOT BUY. I wrote a review, Banggood deleted it.

Asked by Mannix on 2018-12-27 12:49:57

Goose flesh Maybe you can use the "contact us" to contact the banggood customer service team,they will help you.

2018-12-28 11:37:23 Helpful (0)
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