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Blanken Then you need to contact the banggood team to buy or get the free replacement:

2018-01-15 12:06:08 (0)
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toplec The illumination is provided by a neon bulb, not an LED. The two silver pins are the switched pins (attach your load across these), and to light up the neon indicator light, apply 120V - 240V between the gold pin and either of the silver pins. Neon bulbs are not polarized, so it doesn't matter which side is hot. Note that the switch is internally a DPST switch because it doesn't matter which silver pin you use for powering the neon bulb. I posted a review with an image of the schematic of this switch. Please see that for more information.

2019-01-07 12:53:52 (3)
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: What is the difference between ESP32 and ESP32S ?

MaiMariarti 2017-11-06 04:26:57

CReam Have no different on them, it is the same chip.

2017-11-24 03:53:39 (0)
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MaiMariarti Tell me is they can pass more than 5 Amps. I want to buy them for 10 Amp power supply. But not sure if they are real or fakes.

maumog September-26 2017

MaiMariarti Were you able to drive them at 5 Amps?Did you check to see if they are indeed short circuit protected?

Hu4saR September-14 2017