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AussieMenice I had one,worked but be warned... the miro usb connector on board is very flimsy.Mine fell off 😂,So bort a brand name one instead only $10 more.So much better but.😊🤙

Just 2019-03-09 15:58:40
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Q: when will these be back in stock?

Asked by on 2017-12-05 08:39:06

AussieMenice This is a great esc hands down..Just dont pair it with a Cheap clone flight controller. the FC what will not recognise the ESC. I've tested it with three different types of clone flight controllers cheap ones.

2019-08-28 05:38:48 Helpful (0)
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Q: tyro99

Asked by Gregory Korolev on 2018-11-17 01:00:14

AussieMenice Just stick a sony handy cam in there cheaper....😂🤪

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Q: Will these props run OK on eachine wizard x220?

Asked by shark on 2018-02-25 07:40:42

AussieMenice "Will these fit in my desk fan"?....🥴🤪😂

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DingiWingi 2019-05-23 03:39:25
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Catified yeah same problem,But use a good quality miro usb cable and it works no.problem.

mathieu8575 2019-05-21 04:37:47
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DingiWingi Yeah I've got a racestar normal sized sec in mine,it fits fine,it just the vtx/receiver is a very tite fit. I had too rase the roof of it by 5cm too accommodate room.

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