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THXkid No, only Green and clear white, the green is so much more cooler than boring black, tired of every has to be black, harder to see when in the grass, color adds to easy finding.

2019-11-14 11:03:36 Helpful (0)
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Q: comes the fc very hot? Could it be a problem?

Asked by BubbyL on 2019-09-26 08:34:59

rodher11 It's normal, you just need to keep it cold as much you can.. flying I.e.

2019-10-03 08:44:11 Helpful (1)
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Q: Does this support 2s battery?

Asked by Samuel Lim on 2019-07-15 09:52:51

rodher11 You need at least 3S. You can use it with 450 / 650mAh max or 4S 650mAh (recommended)

2019-10-03 08:39:42 Helpful (0)
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rodher11 DSMX/DSM2 R720X The one you're looking for is this one, where you did place the question. Just in case is the one that has F722

2019-10-03 08:37:47 Helpful (0)
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rodher11 2019-08-20 00:22:43
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Q: Will this headset works with xbox one?

Asked by rodher11 on 2018-04-30 01:33:18

Lactoscope Yes,work with most devices.

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