LFANS2001 I have to make a correction about my first post. There is indeed a threaded hole on the base of the device allowing to set it up properly on a tripod as well as on the special magnetic bracket. I do apologize to the designers. The hole is out of center of the base that's why it was disregarded at first. Still need to find usage for the red "cap" seen over the case in one of the photos. If anyone knows what's it for please reply....

LFANS2001 16/11/2021
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BG103717385 Exactly what I've found too in all of your referred points. Pure crap product. The protector is 4 degrees shorter... the worse detail is the stainless steel ruler is magnetic, can you imagine? Everyone knows that the stainless steel is not magnetic. We should fess for this price couldn't get a fair product.

Lúcio 29/12/2016
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