berrydangerous I've got 2 of them as when I backed up my con fig I fucked up so I got another one just to copy the custom dump, they sent me the other version. so now I have 2 n worked out how to flash the first one. love the set up.

AdamFPV 07/02/2022
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berrydangerous it just gets to ya. if it wasn't for Bardwell on you tube id be? now ive got the tx16 wich makes it easer as every you tube vid has one and im slowing down and watching vids over and over again till i get it. Love flying and repairing all of it excep the computer part of it! cant stand the so called beginer part of 5"drones? what beginner part? its head first in. And with that beter keep watching vids on my tx16 while i SLOWLY set it up. happy flying.

berrydangerous 16/10/2021
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