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RobFowler The blade does not lock open. There is some friction from the spring but is not held open with much force. The knife is very small. It is pretty much hidden between keys on a keyring.

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Q: is there Siri or google assistant

Asked by simnani on 2019-09-30 21:07:47

RobFowler If you double tap you get google assistant with the Pixel 3a phone.

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Q: will a 1800 mAh battery work on this

Asked by Collin Hill on 2018-07-06 14:54:21

RobFowler Yes, works fine. It makes little difference.

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RobFowler 0.5 - 1.65V, ie. the output DC voltage is log proportional to the power. You will need the frequency response curve for the device as well but depending on the device it is typically about 18mV / dBm ... See More

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