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georget 2019-09-22 09:58:58
I purchased the Enusic battery charger mainly because I wanted to experiment with the Pulse Repair mode. The idea is that it will send low and high frequency pulses into the battery and help break down the sulfate that builds up on the plates over time. This sulfate build up can weaken a battery so removing it sounds good to me. I have used the Pulse repair on several batteries. It may take several hours depending on size and condition of battery, but eventually the Pulse repair will finish and turn OFF. If I wait a few minutes, and try the Pulse repair again on the same battery, it will run for a few seconds, then turn OFF so it must have done something that the charger can measure. Very cool! This charger has an internal fan that turns on when in Pulse repair mode. In the video, I use an oscilloscope to show what the output of the charger looks like when in Pulse Repair mode and disconnected from the battery. The voltage level shifts between 8 volts and 14 volts every second. It also has 25 kilohertz high frequency pulses measured from rising edge to rising edge. When the charger is connected to a battery that is already charged, you will not see the voltage level shift down to 8 volts on the oscilloscope. You will still see the 25 kilohertz high frequency pulses. The charger has a LCD display that shows voltage, current, and percentage of charge in the battery. It also has a motorcycle mode that limits the current to 1.5 amps. In the normal Vehicle mode, the current has a max of 8 amps. As the battery charges up, you can watch as the current draw goes down. When the battery is fully charged, it switches to OFF. So far, I like this charger a lot. If you have any experience with it, please add your comments to my YouTube video below... https://youtu.be/TLdoGV_QEuY
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D: What version firmware does the tester ship with? Is it V2.68?

Domandata da georget il 2020-02-29 12:01:55

Eugen NO, mine was LCR transistor tester by efan & haoqixin v2.07, one year old now.

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georget 2020-03-17 02:05:51
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georget The tester should work better after you remove it from the bag.

RAPTORAS 2020-02-28 12:58:48
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