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SantiMontano 2019-08-13 13:57:37
Im seriously impressed. Beautiful image, reminds me of my Glyphs. No pixels. These things are just awesome. With that said, here are some things I may change: 1. Swapping out the RP-SMA connectors. I got them yesterday, and I have PCB mount, extended SMA female connectors arriving tomorrow. 2. Got nice mid-wide goggle strap on the way too. Stock strap is fine, but a little more support will be welcome, especially since I dont wish to wear the front to back top strap. 3. You've really got to be kidding me with all this beeping. My quads are very quiet, and I dont like having a big footprint anywhere I fly. Even if just me, for a thousand miles, I find the beeping insidious, and in company, embarrassing. Im at a loss as to why theres not a beep free slient mode, or even 3 stage beep volume setting would be welcome. Im going to open these up and stab that little beeper! J/k, but I am going to look into modding it, by replacing the beep speaker with a buzz motor, so the haptic feedback keeps me informed without such an environmental disturbance. Other than that, if we look at what the goggles are tasked to do, they are nearly perfect. Dual diversity is so far delivering me a super sharp video feed, with crisp colors, and no hickups. Comfortable viewing on the eyes, with big wide fov that has crisp edges, and even though Im maxing out the width with my massive head,the goggles JUST fit me. No pressure points. No light leaks. I dont even notice the always on fan, which was a relief to me. I started flying FPV in 2011-12 and owned the original Dominators. I always felt goggles were overpriced. The fact these come with two receivers, for this price, so i dont have to think about anything but antennas,I find incredibly compelling. Now that Ive experienced the tremendous view, great quality, and high level function, I am beyond pleased. Thanks, Eachine. Nicely done. By the way, o consider the beeping to be part of its "Appearance," with regards to my star rating.
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