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D: Is the Power adaptor for North America use?

Domandata da ax056 il 2020-05-06 07:43:43

Modiq no dear,it is 220V,You need a voltage converter

2020-05-08 04:35:07 Utile (0)
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ax056 I got the amp assembled but I haven't fired it up yet.. There are three 22 k ohm resistors connected to and on the PC Board just behind the 2030 IS's that need to be re-positioned on the opposite side of the PC Board to allow the Heat Sink to be mounted to the PC Board.. Redesigning the PC Board to mount these 22 K ohm resistors might help in placing these resistors would be beneficial.. Great 2.1 AMP Project..

ax056 2020-03-13 17:57:04
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