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Stefan_UK 2019-01-21 19:11:28
If 100 people get a sudden dose of 350 rems of radiation, about 3.5 sieverts, then about half of them will die in 60 days. 350 rems are considered LD50/60. It means what you think. 50% death rate in 60 days. One sievert, the unit measurement for a dose of radiation, will cause illness if absorbed all at once, and 8 sieverts will result in death, even with treatment. This Gieger Counter can measure Beta, Xray, and Gamma and it does so in microsievert, µSv. The unit will show real-time hits on the first line and after 7 minutes will be able to provide the hourly average. There is a pictogram rolling graph that shows the peaks and troughs of exposure to background radiation. Note: the dosage meter is unlikely to register unless you are in a radioactive zone as it measures Sieverts to 3 decimal places and 1 Sievert = 1,000,000 i.e One Million µSv. I have a number of modern Nuclear Radiation Detectors and this one checks out fine and at a remarkable price point.
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