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scousethief 2019-01-15 16:23:23
Very nice light weight kit but quite fragile so best for indoor or a calm dry day. RET is perfectly fine for control as the high dihedral would mess with the geometry if ailerons were installed. These would suit the WLToys f949 /v911 all in one main board (servos,esc,receiver) and even on 2 cell the WLToys F959 or the XK A800 which has everything plus a gyro for self levelling., That would take this to a whole new level I would like to see MinimumRC use a Kfm type airfoil rather than bending the wing to add camber and increase it's strength. The included graphics are really nice they are stickers, the easiest method is rough cut then stick in place. When you've finished just run a sharp blade around the edge to trim the excess. Glue :use Uhu Por the foam is NOT solvent friendly. Test a dab of glue on the excess foam left after removing the plane pieces to make sure your glue doesn't melt the foam. You can get a strong Glue stick and use that too.
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