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Partnership programs

What is the Affiliates Program?

Earn money without actually having to sell anything! You don't even need a website! Earning money is so easy with our Affiliates Program. You can promote the Banggood products on your website, blog, social media, or other online platforms to receive a commission on any sale you refer successfully. Click here to register now.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

As an affiliate, you can promote the Banggood website and products by posting an affiliate URL on other websites. You will receive a commission on each order the customer you referred places within 15 days of clicking on your link. You will be awarded Affiliate points, which can be exchanged for cash (paid with PayPal, Western Union or bank transfer), discount coupons, or Banggood products.


Customer Clicks On AdvertCustomer Makes An
Order Within 15 Days
You Receive Affiliate CommissionYou Display
Banggood AD or Link
Links contain your unique affiliate tracker informationCustomer Is Registered as Being Affiliated To YouCommission Calculated As A % Of Customers Total Order

How is the commission calculated?

The Commission is calculated as a percentage of the total orders value placed by the customers you referred. The rate is based on your Affiliate Class, Customer Type, and Product Category. The more you sell, the more commission you will receive.

Affiliate Commission Structure

Affiliate Class

Customer Type

Customer Type

Customer Type

New Customer

Regular Customer

New Customer

Regular Customer

New Customer

Regular Customer






















Product Category

Mobile Phones & Accessories

Toys and Hobbies

Clothing and Apparel


Home and Garden

Bags & Shoes

Lights & Lighting

Computer & Networking

Sports & Outdoor

Health & Beauty

Apple Accessories

Jewelry and Watch

Automobiles & Motorcycles

Adult Toys & Apparel

What is the difference between new and regular customers?

New Customer: Someone who registers a new Banggood account and then places the first order within 7 days from the date they registered.

Regular Customer: Someone who has already ordered at Banggood before, or someone who registers a new account and places the first order more than 7 days after they registered.

What are the requirements to join each affiliate class?

Each class varies according to the total paid sales amount of your affiliate account. When you reach a new Affiliate class, please email affiliate@banggood.com and we will update you to the next level.

Affiliate Class





Total Paid Sales




US$8,000 - US$30,000


Over US$30,000


BG points received

(Rate: 100 affiliate points = US$1)


(4%-8% commission)


(6%-10% commission)


(8%-12% commission)

How can I exchange my points?

Banggood affiliate points can be exchanged for the following rewards:

CashDiscount couponsBanggood products

Redeem discounts at checkout

100 Affiliate Points = $1 cash (USD)

Cash will be paid via PayPal, Western Union or bank transfer. You can exchange points for cash using the Withdraw tab in the Affiliate Tools menu

Affiliate Points can be exchanged for coupons, which can be redeemed for discounts on Banggood products. You can view your points balance on the My Points menu of your account.If you would like to exchange your points for Banggood products, you should ensure that your points are equivalent to the product price (minimum $20, no discounts available, including coupons, VIP price or wholesale price, etc.). E-mail affiliate@banggood.com for any queries or to exchange points for products. 

1. Sign in with your account

2. Go to your shopping cart

3. Check you have "available points"

4. Enter Exchange Points Amount

5. Click "Redeem"

Visit our new user guide for a full tutorial on Redeeming Points At The Checkout.

The affiliate points you earned will be locked for 45 days after the order has been shipped. This is a preventive measure for any problems or refunds which may be necessary. After this period of time has passed, you will be able to exchange your affiliate points for the reward you prefer.

Where should I not promote my affiliate link?

You can promote your Banggood affiliate link through several channels, except for the ones listed here below:

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Ads
  • Yandex Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Yahoo Ads

You will have to request our permission prior to promoting your affiliate link on these platforms, in order to avoid a conflict of interests between our and your ads. 

If we find you are using these channels without our permission, your affiliate account will be deleted and no commission will be paid.

Check our Terms and Conditions

Can I create an affiliate website, social media page or blog?

You can create a website, blog or social media channel as part of your affiliate strategy. However, the visual identity of your channel can not be similar to the one Banggood's official channels.


Please avoid the following:

- Using "Banggood" on the site page or profile name;

- Using the Banggood logo as the profile, header or site logo;

- Communicating or acting as a representative of Banggood;

What is the difference between affiliate points and general points?

General points:

Earned from your activities on our website, posting photos or videos, confirming your e-mail address, and placing orders. Click How can I get more points in exchange for coupons? for more details.


Affiliate points:

Earned through our affiliate program. Click here to join and view more.

The main differences are summarized below:








General points


Affiliate points

How can I generate banner referral links?

If you would like to place banners of our website or products on your referral website, please go to My Account--Affiliate Program--Ad Center--Banner, find the banner you need by selecting a size or a type and get the codes. Or you can just contact affiliate@banggood.com and request the banner you need for your website.

How can I generate referral links?

1) Automatically Generated Links

Go to “My Account--Affiliate Program--Home” and search the products you want ( use product ID or keywords) and click "Get Code" to copy the URLs.  

2) Find the Latest Coupons & Offers

Go to “My Account--Affiliate Program--Ad Center--Coupon” and find latest available coupons and offers and click "get code" to copy the URLs.

How can I view my referrals and points?

You can go to “My Account--Affiliate Program--My Center and see the details on your affiliate points and referred customers orders.

The affiliate points generated from your code will be in three-point statuses: PENDING, ACTIVE and CANCEL.

PENDING: means you still can’t use the affiliate points temporarily until the order is fulfilled;
ACTIVE: means you have access to using the affiliate points;
CANCEL: means the order is canceled by the customer.

If the number of the active points reaches a certain level, you can exchange them for discounts, coupons or cash-back.

Do affiliate points expire?

Yes, affiliate points expire on December, 31st of the year after the one in which you have earned them, as you can see in the picture here below:



For example, the points you earned in 2014 will expire at the end of 2015. You can always use them for one year before their expiration date.

If you want to see your points balance, please log in to your Banggood account and go to the My Points page.

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