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Banggood Dropship Agreement

The two parties, in regard to the application of Party A for distributor and Party B for BANGGOOD TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED,accept this agency agreement on the basis of equality, mutual benefit, and friendly consultation. Both sides are willing to comply and cooperate sincerely to get mutual development.

1.General Principles

1.1 The agreement aims at building a product or service distribution system between both parties. Party A is authorized by Party B to resell its products and use its pictures and other information on the recorded platforms or websites.

1.2 Except the recorded platforms or websites, Party A shall not use product images, words and other relevant information on other platforms without the written consent from Party B. If Party A violate this and has a loss caused by this violation, Party B has the right not to bear any responsibility.

1.3 Party A shall not sell any products in Party B]s name in any way. If Party A is found to be using Party B's name, Party B has the right to end this service immediately.

1.4 Party B reserves the right to cancel accounts that have not logged in or have no transaction record for more than 30 days. Party A shall inform Party B if he is unable to log in his account or make any trading in 30 days due to force majeure factors.

1.5 Party A shall take all legal responsibility for its actions and pay for any and all economic loss of Party B caused by Party A's actions. Party B has the right to cancel Party A's distributor account immediately if Party A did anything illegal.

1.6 Party A shall bear all responsibility for all commercial and other activities under this account.

1.7 Party A has access to individual services among the authorized range. It is regarded as totally accepting the related articles and announcements on this service made by Party B when Party A uses each individual service.

2.General Principles

2.1 Not receiving goods

If goods are lost due to the carriers, Party B will get compensation from the logistics according to the standard of the logistics, and compensate Party A based on the same standard. If Party A chooses a shipping method without a tracking number, Party B has the right to share responsibility for goods damaged or late delivery with Part A based on negotiation. Party A shall be responsible for all duties, all shipping cost involved, and other related costs if goods are returned because of a vague or wrong address provided by Party A, or rejection of delivery.

Party A shall contact Party B within three months from the date the order was placed if they have not received the related goods. Goods are deemed to be received by default if Party A does not contact Party B within three months. Party B reserves the right to offer no assistance or compensation for the related order that Party A contacts Party B after three months from the date the order was placed or orders not covered by shipping insurance when the package is lost,damaged.

2.2 For parcels whose tracking result show as delivered but customers state not receiving them.Party A shall help to find out the truth. Party B has the right to offer partial refund or not bear any responsibility and has the right to end the relationship if Party A does not cooperate and opens a Paypal dispute.

2.3 Goods held in customs

Party A shall be responsible for customs duties, tax and other related cost involved in the destination country. Party A will not be eligible for compensation in any reasons for import duties if the order is not covered by the tariff insurance.

2.4 Goods came in damaged condition

Party A shall provide the order number, pictures, video or other proof within three working days (from the date when your customers receive the goods) and Party B will deal with this after receiving sufficient evidence. All returns, exchanges or refunds shall be based on the confirmation and approval of Party B. Party B has the right to bear no responsibility if Party A arbitrarily refunds his customer, returns or changes items in a way that is not in accordance with the related provisions of Party B.

2.5 Sale price

Party A shall offer a higher product sale price than that of Party B on his selling platform. Otherwise, Party B has the right to end Party A's account.

2.6 Party A shall check items before uploading to his own stores or website based on the policy of the selling platform or the local market.

Party B does not bear any responsibility of Party A]s loss for the item below:

2.6.1 the item which Party A can]t provide any purchased record from Party B;

2.6.2 the item is not a drop-shipped item which is stated by Party B;

2.6.3 the item which is banned by Party A]s selling platform.

2.7 Party A agrees and understands that Party B has the right to change, interrupt or terminate part or all platforms] service, due to its specificity, when necessary with prior notice to Party А. Party B does not guarantee the stability, timeliness, security, and accuracy of the platforms] and reserves the right to pause any part of the service for maintenance, upgrading or other goals with notice in advance.

2.8 Limited Liability

Party B and its related party are not responsible for the direct or indirect, incidental, special and consequential damage caused by Party A themselves or the occurrence of force-major circumstances. Those damages include, but are not limited to: misuse, misled, delay during transportation caused by bad weather or strict customs, lost packages by virtue of no tracking number and other logistical related issues.

2.9 Party B has the final interpretation of this drop ship agreement.

3.Privacy Policy

3.1 Party A shall, in accordance with the timely, detailed and accurate requirements, provide Party B with authentic, lawful and valid qualification and registration information. All the original information filled by party A will be regarded as registration information. Party A takes the sole responsibility for any issues arising from the inaccurate or false registration of the qualification documents.

3.2 The account and password shall only be used by Party A . If Party A found that the account is compromised, it shall immediately notify Party B. Due to hacking, user negligence or Party A's own unsafe operation or use which results in an account to be illegally used by others or further serious consequences, all responsibilities and losses shall be borne by Party A.

3.3 Both Party A and Party B shall have a duty of confidentiality in respect of any trade secrets, materials and information of the other party based on this agreement. Neither party shall disclose to any third party any trade secrets at any time without the written permission of the other party. Any party who violates the provisions of this article shall indemnify the other party for all direct and indirect losses suffered by the other party. At least 1 year after the termination of this Agreement, the parties shall still have the obligation of confidentiality under these Terms. The trade secrets, including but not limited to: product planning, sales planning, policy incentives, customer information, financial information, non-patented technology, design, program, technical data, production method, or product supplier information.


This contract will come into force when the dropship program application is submitted by Party A.