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  • 19/08/2021

    Epic LEP flashlight, keeps up with the MAXTOCH XSWORD LA10!!! Miles better than the WP2, THROWS WAY FURTHER. Here is my in depth YouTube review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XLgb-CWktQ

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  • 12/05/2022

    Blue Lake LEP module with good optics , highly biased at over 15W at turbo that emits 2.089.000 Cd max (8m ANSI 32,600 Lux measurement) and covers 2.890m distance with sufficient white color tint. (Low=544KCd & 1,25A and High=1.478KCd and 3,6A) It consumes at turbo (double click) 4,6A & 4V with decent heat dissipation for its power. 18W dual mosfet (FDS9926/NCE4963) step up driver at 4,3V with constant current regulator (OC6701) that works at high and turbo while Low is controlled by LF PWM of pic controller that can be captured by any digital camera and is the only flaw ! Internal 3A USB-C fast charger using SLM6600 for charging the attached 21700 Li-Ion battery and any high capacitance Li-Ion can be used for this < 5A current flow LEP. Almost identical in beam range with Xsword LA10 and highly recommended for this price.

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  • 06/09/2021

    Slight little hiccup with the local post office but it was resolved pretty quick and delivered the next day. This LEP Is a much tighter focused beam than my Fenix TK30 LEP. Much bigger too. So they both serve their purpose well. The Fenix battery can be charged from the battery itself, this one can not. It needs to be installed in the flashlight and use the built in USB-C port of the flashlight. The TK30 seems like a whiter light at about 10 feet, but these are meant to throw. At distance is where the WP3 shines. It becomes the whiter light and brighter or more focused at distance. Very happy with the purchase.

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  • 24/10/2021

    realy good worth the price nice long beam speciale with Rain or fog this is awesome

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  • 21/10/2021

    Amazing light. Quality of construction looks great. It does not include a shorter battery tube so I’ll need to buy one of those. I cant wait until it gets dark out so that I can see this beams power!

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  • 06/02/2022

    INCREDIBLE flashlight, This is the best LEP. Very intense beam, 3km range, I love Turbo mode 🔥

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  • 29/10/2021

    LEPs is a niche market. Runs hot quickly on hi. Great throw but needs better cooling dissipation. shipped in cardboard box not in case like WP2 was. Good price on special. cheaper alternative to L2K.

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  • 22/10/2022

    Astrolux WP3 is without a doubt, one of the best value, and high performance LEP. Is hard to film the lux output indoors. But, trust me, this LEP is a beast. When outdoors, it sends a wall of light down range to your target. Although, it is only 562 lumens. It makes great use of those lumens, by intensifying them to a whopping 2180000 candela. And from most of the reviews I've seen online of it, it does come close to that stated candela. You have to see it in person, in order to appreciate the intensity. The light UI is very simple. One click for one. It starts on high. Click one more time, it goes to low. Double click for Turbo. Triple click for strobe. That's it. No SOS mode. And to turn off, press and hold for about 2 seconds. That's the only thing I don't like, the press and hold for off. I wish you could click once for off. But, it doesn't deter from the overall performance. The body of the light has squre knurling. It feels grippy. The bezel is cranelated. And is silver. The light uses one 21700 Li-ion battery. I don't know if it has to be high drain. But, I am using a Samsung 40T flat top high drain battery. You can charge the battery if you like via the USB Type C port on the light. According to the specs. it charges at 2 amps. I haven't measured it to verify. I mainly charge the battery with my dedicated smart charger. The light comes with a lanyard, manual, USB Type C cable and two o-rings. That's it. Overall, I would recommend this LEP to anyone, who wants to impress someone. It doesn't have many practical uses. But, it does throw very far. According to the specs, around 2952 meters. I simply do not have the space to test that claim. But, reviews online give it a very positive throw distance.

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  • 07/04/2022

    Great build quality. Lot of fun to play with. Around double candelas than the very far throwing MF04!!!

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  • 08/04/2022


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