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क्यू: Hi, i would like to get when but the pictures you have here doesnt match the version you say it is!

द्वारा पूछा गया cmsj पर 2019-03-30 05:38:57

cnrta Don't buy this version. The one I received was a 2.01 version of the hardware with a false firmware flashed on to it. Banggood refuse to refund.

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क्यू: Is this 2.1S version or 3.0 version? I heard 3.0 version is buggy...

द्वारा पूछा गया 1userdummy पर 2019-02-23 10:25:10

cnrta This is actually the 2.01 hw revision with a fake firmware, check the pictures of the other 2.1s versions available elsewhere.

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