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  • December-13 2017 15:08:24

    My cat liked it very much, and refuses to leave it, but... Biggest con is smell. It's smells like cheap plastic. Smell is so strong that now my cat always stinks it. Cat not bothered by this smell, though. There no "0", "1", "2" marks on switch. Since I had to replace power plug, I can add that copper in wires is very thin. Don't seems to be critical since max power is only 20W, but not reassuring. While quality is low, it's actually very useful. Would like to buy better quality one.

  • February-07 2018 08:22:14

    Produto muito bom em relação qualidade preço. Já tive outros bem mais caros e este faz exactamente o mesmo mas, por muito menos custo. O tamanho é o ideal para animais de tamanho médio. Os meus gatos adoram.

  • August-03 2018 02:56:36

    It lasted a month and then it almost caught fire :(

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  • November-13 2019 23:59:07

    Scalda abbastanza, vediamo se il cane gradisce

  • January-28 2019 22:27:32

    Buono il prezzo e la qualità, la mia gatta a gradito il regalo :)

  • October-31 2018 02:21:32

    Exactly what I needed for the cold winters

  • January-17 2018 04:04:07

    The cat loves it

  • November-04 2017 17:02:22

    excellent product


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