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  • December-23 2020 11:19:07

    I have not messed with it yet but I am looking forward to learning how the WiFi boards operate and learn the things it can do

  • August-29 2020 05:03:34


  • February-28 2020 19:32:27

    fast shipping to Canada. still testing functionality

  • May-16 2018 13:20:21

    service of banggood is awesome. before place my order i was worried about delivery in India. Now i am happy after receiving my product before delivery time. Now i can place any order confidently. This product is awesome.

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • VIP1
    September-15 2018 05:17:43

    I received it on time I ordered it by banggood because it is the cheepest through Online shopping. I though it has to include antenna. Later on I will test it.

  • April-01 2019 00:29:57

    fast delivery. the component appears to be in order according to the specifications.

  • February-12 2019 12:51:49

    Nice build, usefull combination of devices. A recomandation for future versions, please power the 3.3v rail from the DC in port not the 5 V output, the 5v regulator gets hot even with the empty board.In the rest everything is ok.

  • February-15 2018 05:49:34

    I bought this one to use with my wireless RFID project. It's powerful enough for my project. Recomended

  • November-02 2018 16:09:16

    Richtig Toller Arduino, da es die Wifi Funkion gibt und alle Digitalen Ausgänge Pins sind PWM.

  • November-26 2017 13:50:06

    Small and pretty, the first sketch obtained by moving! Training!


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