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  • March-02 2020 05:33:42

    This clamp is better, then it looks. I actually expected less from it, but it is really sturdy and strong. - The black plastic feels good and doesn't look to break easily. I managed to get 50N (5KG) of force without any squeak from it. - Only metal part is the rail, and it is very well done. Straight and well designed against bend or flex. - The orange plastic feels too soft for any hard wood clamping, but it actually performs well. I tried it with clamping a rough red oak board, and it left no visible

  • September-19 2020 13:35:19

    He recibido el producto. Tiene buena apariencia, buenos materiales, no es para trabajo pesado, pero para bricolaje ligero funciona de maravilla. La entrega fue rápida y segura. Gracias!

    टिप्पणियाँ (1)
  • January-06 2021 05:15:28

    Ήρθαν σε ικανοποιητικό χρόνο,αντέχουν στην πίεση!είχα παραγγειλει δύο.Καλα υλικά!Τα πατάκια είναι σκληρό πλαστικό.

  • December-10 2020 00:47:42

    Not the size that I wanted. Too small for my project but quality isnt that poor.

  • July-31 2020 08:58:07

    Great product for the price. I got 4 pieces of the small ones that I need for RC models building/glueing, and they worked great. Can be disasembled and used as a pusher clamp.

  • December-30 2020 17:44:15

    Lucen bien, gracias.

  • December-23 2020 14:14:08

    good quality

  • December-13 2020 09:46:58

    utile et relativement costaud

  • September-11 2020 02:30:29

    fast delivery

  • August-09 2020 06:50:18

    ideal para prender pequenas coisas


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