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  • April-19 2020 09:18:33

    Useful product and easy to use by the app provided. However, the app is not fully compatible with iPhone, the menus titles are not shown, but no problem for Android. It can only connected to one device and the app should run at background for continuous support.

  • July-19 2020 11:37:56

    Fast delivery, nice things but the truth is, it's less productive than I thought.

  • June-07 2020 03:20:38

    good but don't use it for animals! doesn't work far enough! I'll use it to find my keys.

  • April-02 2020 03:38:20

    bel prodotto molto utile

  • December-12 2019 10:02:39

    Thank You

  • October-21 2020 16:21:11

    maravilha valeu a pena

  • June-05 2020 11:09:52

    muito bom para cães.. funciona tudo direito.. top recomendo.

  • April-10 2020 04:09:48


  • January-03 2017 11:42:34

    Bardzo przydatny brelok, świetnie nadaje się do przypięcia do kluczy. Łatwo je później odnaleźć przy użyciu smartfona. Działa to też w odwrotną stronę. Może służyć także jako zwalniacz migawki w telefonie, kiedy mamy go na selfie sticku. Gadżet wart tych 10zł. Przychodzi w zestawie z baterią i instrukcją. Polecam.

  • January-30 2018 12:19:01

    It is very difficult to connect. After a few meters he loses the signal. Only one of the two I've been able to connect to. Keychain will be good :))) Designer's cake :) In any case, thank you for packaging and shipping! Then I'll be doing better with some other product.


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