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  • December-25 2020 00:50:42

    very good and chip it arrived in South Africa on time. The only challenge I faced was on Arduino board ATMega2560 it wasn't reading the port on my pc. I had to install a software to make it work ( I went to www.Wch.cn and downloaded the file called CH314SER.EX) after doing so everything was working without any problem.

  • November-14 2020 13:58:20

    Základná sada elektronickej stavebnice. Obsahuje množstvo komponentov. Vhodné pre rozvíjanie zručnosti v oblasti elektroniky, programovania a robotiky. Verim že sa mojim vnukom zapáči.

  • May-06 2020 09:39:00

    Geekcreit Mega 2560. The product arrived complete and in perfect condition, all components are in great appearance and organized. The request took some time to arrive, but I think it is due to the confinement. I recommend the store.

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  • December-21 2020 14:40:49

    Ordered from CZ, package came earlier than I expected. Good product, came without plug, doesn't have any instructions, but there are tons on internet. Some M-F jumpers will be nice to add to kit.

  • November-19 2020 02:33:58

    Teşekkürle sayın satıcı ve de bangood ben bu kadar kısa sürede beklemiyordum tekrardan minnettarım sizlere. kolay gelsin iyi günler

  • March-12 2020 21:26:25

    produto chegou no prazo em perfeita ordem completo, falta apenas testar. Recomendo a loja!!!

  • October-13 2020 06:47:17

    Norsk/Norwegian: Dette er det absolutt beste og billigste alternativet til original Arduino. Fungerer på nøyaktig samme måte. Prisen er upåklagelig! Bruker dette i skolesammenheng og er mer enn fornøyd! Det tok ca. 1 uke fra jeg bestilte til varen dukket opp i postkassen. Jeg har testet alle komponenter, og alle fungerer optimalt. Engelsk/English: This is the absolute best and cheapest alternative to the original Arduino. Works in exactly the same way. The price is impeccable! Uses this in

  • February-20 2020 22:57:44

    Geekcreit Mega 2560 The Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kits For Arduino Mega2560 UNOR3 Nano - products that work with official Arduino boards. The kit is supplied with US charger, but still great value for the price.

  • January-10 2021 08:45:02

    Thanks for the product. It arrived and seems to be complete. There were only minor cracks at the bottom of the box. Perhaps the box could have been packed tighter around the corners to avoid this from happening. However, all in all, happy with the product.

  • December-30 2020 03:58:22

    It's a little late but it's ok. The box is broken in 2 places but I don't think there are any problems.


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