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  • September-27 2020 03:16:34

    Many accessories, useful. I would have preferred a larger presentation of each piece, but with a little effort you can find everything you need on the internet.

  • June-05 2020 10:29:49

    I received a package of 38 pieces, ie bags filled with air, so that the entire contents are as they should be. Quality as good as on offer.

  • May-01 2020 03:49:52

    a big pile of sensors. some simple, some complex. arrived somewhat crushed, packaged just in plastic bags. the downloadable files are useful, as they have code for each sensor.

  • April-28 2020 07:06:25

    i got a 40 in 1 sensor kit today 3 more than ordered, thanks you there is no description on the sensor witch one it is, that is a minus point delivered in 19 days

  • March-02 2020 10:18:36

    I love the deals on Geekreit parts on Banggood! These are in a bag and individually sealed in anti static bags. Great value for the money!

  • January-27 2020 06:36:39

    everything was as described in the article by the seller

  • January-01 2021 09:20:09

    The device works very well

  • September-21 2020 11:26:23

    pacco ricevuto in largo anticipo. tutto ok. ora si inizia a lavorare!

  • August-24 2020 15:17:11

    Well packed. Good quality. If someone need description there is a link in the Product Detail part. It is a .rar file which contains a very good pdf with identification and sample codes to the given sensor.

  • August-01 2020 08:09:27

    ótimo kit veio tudo como descrito no anúncio todos testados funcionando perfeitamente ótimo custo benefício recomendo a compra qualidade também ok


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