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  • February-14 2020 03:29:57

    the quality of board is very good. although it got a bit late but its fine. it should be in carton packaging as it was in simple plastic bag and the pins have pierced through it in shipping which may have damaged them. but overall it works fine and nice. Thank you.

  • January-17 2020 21:00:48

    Thanks Banggood for the great service, because I opted to get this shipped from the UK it was a bit more expensive but I've got it much faster. Also I tested the board and I used the recommended driver for Windows before I plugged in the Arduino UNO which was no problem, it only said it was pre-installed. I didn't have to do any complicated things for a missing bootloader because it was already installed so my UNO worked instantly. I'm very thankful for that. Also it was nicely packaged in an anti

  • June-19 2020 17:16:16

    merci pour la commande mais je payer des frais supplementaires 15 € dédouanement et magasinage

    टिप्पणियाँ (2)
  • November-26 2020 06:47:36

    Very nicely constructed, good clean board no flux residue. Really good value for money and would certainly buy again. Works perfectly with the latest Arduino IDE (1.8.13).

    September-22 2020 23:16:05

    المنتج وصفة كما بالاعلان والصراحة توصيل سريع ما شاء الله

  • May-30 2020 13:28:02

    I arrive in about a week in an antistatic wrap. The quality of the product looks quite high compared to other products that I had previously purchased. I personally give it a 10 out of 10.

  • January-25 2020 13:12:47

    Goods match the description

  • December-07 2020 11:49:03


  • June-15 2020 19:34:49


  • April-01 2020 23:29:55

    It is completely working. It is cheap and good product.


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