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  • April-02 2020 00:47:55

    Bought these pieces to use on the 3018 Pro CNC machine purchased from Banggood for use on wood/resin, have experimented with the pieces and have had some good results. Tested on a piece of wood with resin inlays with the 1.4mm tool to pocket out a test logo (see attached) and the 3mm tool to cut out from waste resin some rings with good results. Only downside is there is no instructions or guides to the set up of the tools in the design software in relation to the maximum depth per pass and feedrates,

  • November-02 2020 10:52:20

    Im received the product in perfectly condition. I think its good quality. Not tested yet. Thanks Banggood.

  • April-28 2020 14:16:07

    The item arrived fast and in great condition. Nicely packed in a hard plastic case. Very good quality at a very nice price. I am satisfied!

  • February-14 2020 07:12:14

    Получено очень быстро хорошего качества упаковано очень хорошо доставка до двери Рекомендую продавца

  • January-13 2020 07:12:03

    Produto excelente de qualidade acima da minha expectativa. Pensei que as brocas viessem à solta mas não! Vem numa caixinha bem arrumadas. Parabéns a este produto, preço muito bom em relação à qualidade. Impecável!

  • October-28 2020 10:17:34

    Nice product for diy projects

  • October-19 2020 19:04:18

    Excelente ferramentas fura faz rosca ao mesmo tempo muito prático

  • October-09 2020 11:05:53

    Nice storage box. Great bits for Dremel.

  • July-01 2020 19:39:30

    good to surabaya Indonesia in 16days

  • June-27 2020 10:56:40

    10 punte da 0,8 a 3 mm per CNC buon prezzo, convenienti


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