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  • July-08 2020 07:10:26

    очень нравится прибор. Простота и надёжность. Особенно тем, что питание от аккумулятора! щас я быстро отучу лаять свою собачку почем зря. А то спасения нет. Дома ведёт себя тихо, а дворе как с ума сходит..

  • August-25 2020 11:16:36

    nagyon szuper készülék,minden működik rajta,fegyelmeztetés hang jelzéssel,áram ütés,távirányítóban elemlámpa,ja és akksik vannak bennük!! szóval ennyi pénzért nagyon jó!!👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • September-16 2018 02:30:52

    This collar surprised me in a positive way of course. Due to I have a dog with very long hair, I had to make the longest electrodes pointy (Receiver Screws) to be able to use electric shock on my dog. After that "magically" I could make my dog to listen to me while he was running outdoor. But electric shock was used as a last resort only in emergency situations and maximum on level 17. That was enough for my quite big dog to stop chasing the ducks or other animals which he could kill. In other situations

  • September-25 2017 17:54:10

    Gracias por el producto cumple con las especificaciones y funciones requeridas. Gracias! =]

  • September-01 2017 06:00:00

    I've ordered this device for training my dog. It was easy to pair, but I was surprised by the electric shock! At 1 it gives a good fealable shock, I would'nt dare at 100... The intensity of the vibrate mode is very nice to tune, 40 will do.

  • September-04 2019 17:09:16

    very good product, that exceeded my expectations

  • November-17 2017 18:46:16

    muy bueno y completo. lo recomiendo. lo unico que en la foto del manual dice muestra base de cargador y solo viene el cable usb de cargar.

  • October-21 2020 04:31:35

    Works as advertised. User manual in English. Plastic part is for tighten screw and for check if shock functionality is working. There is no USB power supply in kit - you ca use any USB (5V) power supply. Don't abuse shock option (try it first on your own butt to see how nice it is) , vibration can work in most cases. Seems quality build with clear instructions.

  • July-29 2020 06:50:09

    Greitas pristatymas. Patogus valdymas, galimybė iš karto pakrauti antkaklį ir valdymo pultelį.

  • February-11 2020 05:03:55

    Getting the dog trained gradually. Works well.


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