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  • April-16 2018 15:14:45

    Seriously, if your wife sees them you may as well just order another pair! I was really impressed with the quality of this tool. Very well made and cuts beautifully. When my wife saw them I knew it was time to kiss them goodbye. She loves them for her jewelry making hobby. Time to place another order!

  • April-18 2017 14:15:35

    Using for more than 1 month, very satisfied

  • May-15 2020 17:25:21

    Small, easy to handle, and very sharp. I ordered two of them. Don't know how long it will stay sharp on metal cutting, but works great for nail cutting too.

  • October-02 2020 16:57:02


  • August-20 2020 10:22:40

    Well made and small enough to do intended job of fixing small ingrown toe nail.

  • January-08 2020 07:01:50


  • December-15 2019 11:34:06

    صغير جدا شكرا

  • October-31 2018 23:16:03

    the price is very cheap and i bought the Baku and the DANIU Electrical Cutters at the same time. Both are good and are machined well. If you look at a light and see no gaps between the blades. The Baku are very small, almost fits in my hand. It will easily cut electronic component on circuit boards after soldering. It will cut flush if you require it. If you cut the small gauge wire these should last a long time. If you cut thick metals like steel wire these will not last. Use them for electronics.

  • November-10 2017 00:11:44

    Well, first of all, there is no size stated in the description, so I took a knowing risk ordering them, but they really are too small to my hand (I use size 10 disposable gloves) and I have to use these with fingertips. Secondly, the tip doesn't line at all, so I can't cut loosen filament string on the bed of 3D printer with these (the job I bought them for). Nevertheless, they do have much better spring than many other similar pliers and at the back of their mouth they cut very well.

  • October-14 2018 06:44:45

    Прислали быстро ! Идеальное качество изготовления ! Доволен как слон ! Спасибо магазину за оперативную работу !!!! ИДЕАЛЬНО !!!


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