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केवल अपने देश (United States) से समीक्षा करें
  • July-28 2020 12:29:06

    Dodáno, vyzkoušeno, nutná výměna vydlice na kabelu za koncovku EU, redukci nebylo možno vsunout do zásuvky. Teď je to perfektní , nasadil sem do ní frézku, a hezky běžela, stejnoměrné otáčky bez kolísání. Kvalitní stroj, snadno se s ním manipuluje jednou rukou. Děkuji, Michal

  • June-23 2020 11:54:38

    Ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo. Scatola arrivata a pezzi, pessimo imballo ma comunque tutto a posto. C’era tutto, anche riduttore spina EU. Funziona! ma la devo ancora mettere alla prova in modo serio.

  • April-05 2020 18:24:03

    220V - for North American use it comes with an adapter which does not have a ground. If you want to replace the plug, the color codes are: YELLOW: ground BROWN: hot/live BLUE: neutral

  • January-27 2020 09:16:10

    Vypadá to mnohem lépe než jsem čekal. Jen je škoda že místo EU koncovky je redukce.

  • February-27 2020 02:51:16

    Good quality

  • January-30 2020 14:38:48

    Llego en excelente estado y antes de tiempo estimado.

  • November-25 2020 19:25:11


  • November-07 2019 19:21:55

    +el producto es tal cual las fotos que publican. -la caja vino toda rota (adjunto foto) +la potencia es muy muy buena. -la calidad de los accesorios es baja +el peso es ideal y es cómoda +la entrega fue de acuerdo a lo pactado me gustaría que me reconozcan puntos extras debido a que el paquete vino en muy muy mal estado.

  • February-28 2019 21:41:32

    Good little hand trimmer especially for the price. The packaging is less than desirable and I have seen this for this product on other reviews. Tracking was an issue with this item as the data was not showing up in BG so I was waiting weeks for something that was already in country awaiting for collection. Aside from this annoyance I would recommend.

  • April-02 2019 05:59:24

    I don't have tested yet but it looks like very nice quality and with a lot of parts inside the box. I would like to had at least one router bit in the package. I think it is very nice for your first router P. S. Doesn't have variable speed.


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