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  • February-11 2020 02:02:16

    Everything good with it. The material good, too.

  • February-13 2018 13:31:41

    They are not waterproof let water in between the fingers I've used them for a month and I just had an hour ride at 0 degrees Celsius and they kept my fingers warm. That was important they work better than the heated grips that I put on my Harley Softail

  • October-23 2020 13:46:22

    Work good, though rather small, but never mind as they were bought for a female hand. Well worth the money. They are setup, connected to a 2000 mah lithium power pack placed in a bumbag. Roll on winter.

  • May-09 2020 12:29:57

    Bra passform men sömmar är dåliga och de håller inte hög temperatur. Ej lämpliga under -2 Celcius

  • May-09 2020 05:52:07

    Kam innerhalb von 10 Tagen. Wie beschrieben. Nützlich Gr. 7 bis Gr. 9, ev. Größer, aber dann ev. Finger etwas kurz.

  • December-09 2020 06:34:38


  • December-12 2017 06:07:42

    The 2 wires from the control switch to the gloves are only 22”/560mm. My arms are 33”/840mm long from the middle of my back, where the switch would be located to the gloves: I’m 5’-7” tall. So, can’t run the wires down the sleeves inside a coat. The wires will have to be dangling in front of me between my hands. I’m not particularly fond of this arrangement as they could be blowing around distracting me from controlling the motorcycle. The wire cable DOES look water proof including the

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  • November-06 2018 17:47:22

    They gloves are quite a bargain compared to other heated gloves I've looked at. . They work well. I don't think they would actually be waterproof but that is not my interest. The gloves might be considered small. They are a bit tight on my hands. Probably wouldn't fit a larger hands. I use them with a small 12V SLA battery to keep my hands warm as a spectator at high school football games. The current draw is small and the battery last the length of the game. Time will tell if they last. I'm 100%

  • March-30 2018 17:29:49

    i originally got these gloves to keep my fingers warm at the flying field. i figured i have some old 2200mah 3s batts i could use to power the gloves. boy, the gloves give a small amount of warmth, but really burn through the batteries fast... 2200mah 3s lipo is down to 3.4v/cell in about 12 minutes

  • March-04 2018 05:23:32

    Gloves work great and very warm and better than most I have used, however, the line and wire is much too short. Advertised at 1700mm but its really only 1500mm, and even if it was 1700mm, it's too short and only practical for small scooters. This was not really a serious problem because I have a shop and just spliced and connected a longer wire. Overall, I am happy with the gloves. I would just recommend you to make the wire at least 2200mm to 2500mm so that you do not alienate users of your great


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