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  • December-15 2020 08:39:45

    Stop dogs are fitting nice on my kreg workbench 19mm holes. Feeling heavy and of a good quality and have a good look. Not worked with them for the moment but tried if they stay in place with some scrap against them and at the moment they seem to work for me. If i tried them out with planing and i still can place a review i will update the review.And if they are really good i consider to buy a couple more.

  • January-01 2021 05:41:25

    The Stops work very well. Its just lining up the dog holes at 90 degrees is not easy. That being said the pegs that go into the dog holes slide on the back side of the end stop making alignment a lot easier.

  • December-27 2020 14:32:09

    Looks and feels very good, fits perfectly in 20 mm holes

  • November-28 2020 04:08:44

    Wordt in een envelop verzonden en is verpakt in bubbeltjesfolie. Verpakking is voldoende want is onbeschadigd aangekomen.

  • October-28 2020 11:48:38

    Very nice quality, dogs are slightly smaller than 20mm and fit good. Quick delivery

  • January-15 2021 02:39:57

    Quick delivery, good packaging. Nice materials. Although a little too much play between the dog en the stop rail for the purpose I was planning to use them. As a stop it is fine though.

  • January-13 2021 20:40:36

    Good product. The bench dogs are aluminium so they are light weight. there is a little slop in the track than dogs ride in. Would have been 5 stars if the slop wasn't there. Well packed in a nice box and bubble rapped. Arrived in less than 2 weeks.

  • December-24 2020 16:31:20

    A nicely made stop at an attractive price. Not the best of its type out there, but definitely not far off. The only significant quibble I have with this one is that the sliding 20mm pins were not designed to be lockable, which I think might have been a useful additional feature.

  • December-19 2020 06:42:13

    Ordered 2 pcs and delivery was fast; 1 pcs was missing a nod and therefull not usefull. this was replaced by banggood after 2 e-mail exchanges. Good service.

  • December-16 2020 08:27:24

    I ordered two of these bench dogs,when they arrived I was very pleased with the wrapping and the items them selves. something so simple yet looks so good.


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