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  • September-11 2020 14:05:52

    2 days follow-up: perfect working. %90-95 noise reduction

  • June-14 2020 10:27:27

    Okay, fulfil the description.

  • May-04 2020 05:54:22

    Works very well

  • January-22 2019 06:15:02

    We have 7 adult and 2 rapidly growing dogs in a 3 acre lot enclosed by a 2 meter perimeter wall. There are other dogs nearby, and our dogs tend to stay near the car gate and bark, especially at night. This has been a problem for years. The box arrived about 5 days ago and I installed it on the gate about noon. There has been almost no barking at all since then! We have a large piece of land, and I might order a couple more of these to install elsewhere, but the first one DRAMATICALLY AND IMMEDIATELY

  • April-20 2018 23:47:55

    Every Saturday I take my dogs for a car ride, as soon as they know it time to get in the car they start "BARKING" and dancing around in cycles. Today for the first time, I turned the CS-B19 on, just before inviting the dogs to the car. Results: The very first time I used the device, it reduced there barking by some 70%. Time will tell, but so far, so good. For me I will not be using the device at night because I still want my dogs to bark at STRANGER DANGER.

  • September-16 2018 10:58:49

    It didn't stop the barking.The neighbor's dog keeps on barking as much as before. Waste of money and hope.

  • May-02 2018 04:03:30

    Works great. The dogs finally stop barking. It works instantly after the first bark they never barked again.

  • March-23 2018 23:27:27

    my dogs barking at the neighbours dogs was testing my sanity - this product is brillant

  • October-05 2019 00:20:43

    seems to work well. dogs stop barking almost immediately

  • April-28 2019 03:55:33



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