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FlorinVB I haven\'t tried that. What kind of PC do you use? What kind of external memory do you use? I bought this device for my needs. It was made principally for compensating elimination of 3.5 mm jack input on the newest smartphones with USB C type connector (in this case, used also as audio output and charging connector). You can listen on headphones with 3.5 mm jack cable (using smartphone integrated amplifier and DAC) - or to output audio signals using a 3,5 mm jack cable on one end and to RCA jack on the other end - only using this adapter - USB C to 3,5 mm jack adapter - and also charge your smartphone at the same time. OTG devices - is an abbreviation for \'On The Go\', basically meaning portable... As for clarifying in regarding versatility of using this product, is probably better to contact baseus.

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