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  • 20/12/2016

    Flying very sable, auto takeoff and landing. have emergency stop botton. camera angle is too narrow IMO so i added clip-on fisheye lenses and now it is working perfectly! make sure to turn off cellular data when connecting to WIFI, count to 15 and then go into the app.if the quad wont take off try to close the app and open it again.

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  • 21/02/2017

    This little guy shipped so quick i was in shock! it made it here in 4 days. Packaging is great it came with everything you need ti get flying, extra blades and even a velvet carrying bag. I flys superbly easy to control, auto start up before take off, and land and and emergency stop button in case your trapped out of site and want to shut it down. The flight time that I'm getting is much less than the specked 7-8 min. Im getting more like 3. So purchased 2 additional batteries along with a full set of the motor arms just to be safe. The appear to be very sturdy, but for me better safe has always kept me flying. I own quite a few quads and helicopters, more than anyone should ever have. But heck you only live once and I like to try the different types. This one I think I'll probably use more than the rest with it portability and good flying characteristics. Get one they are worth every cent.

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  • 06/01/2017

    The E50 can be folded up and slipped into its included bag or your pocket for easy carrying. When folded it isn't much larger than my Samsung S6, and it certainly is more portable than a traditional quadcopter. Couple that with the fact that the E50 uses an app to control it, and it is infinitely more portable than your typical quad. I will admit, I wan't sure what to expect from an app controlled quad. I never thought a phone would be a suitable replacement for my traditional radios, so I went into this a bit jaded. Well, I am happy to say that the app isn't the hindrance I thought it would be. While it took me a bit to get used to the idea of not having sticks, I quickly became comfortable with the E50. I did have to trim mine review sample a bit, but otherwise it flew fine out of the box. It is worth noting that there was a bit of a breeze during my first flights, and I may end up re-trimming once I get a day with no wind that I can fly. The pictures and video, however, aren't HD. The properties of both the pictures and the video files do show they are 720 x 576, so while the advertising copy is accurate, I feel like they are misleading people a bit. When you see 720P today, that translates to HD, and this isn't. It looks more like standard definition to me, and for the money, it does a good job. I did think it was a bit overexposed, and the camera doesn't like a backlit situation, but again, for $41.99, I am not going to complain. This is a great quad for the money, and one I would not be afraid to let me non-flying friends try it out. The camera is a fun feature and several folks I have showed it to thought that it would be a fun thing to have around. The Eachine E50 is a fun little quad, even if the video isn't up to the published specs. It flies well, and is easy to carry around. The charge times are a bit long , but the flight times are better than I expected. Control response is good given you are working with an app, rather than a radio. It's folding arms offer two advantages: easy storage, and if you do crash, they hopefully will fold and prevent damage. It handles a breeze well, and will capture both video and still shots. In my opinion, it is a fun quad and worth taking a look at. Mine now has a new home in my work vehicle, and I can grab a quick flight anywhere I have the room and the time!

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  • 15/12/2016

    The E50 arrives in a very nice box, made of thick cardboard -best comparison would be to an iphone box. Inside you will find a nice velvet pouch, along with extra props a charger, and of course the e50 with the battery already inside. This quad would be perfect for a beginner who has never flown a quad before. Using the smartphone's gyro seems like it would be difficult, but it is super easy. Even with the slight delay, it feels like second nature. Pros: -Portability -Foldable arms -Easy one touch on/off button -Very stable -Altitude hold works very good -Easy to fly Cons: -Battery difficult to remove (have to tug on wire to remove) -Picture is much lower quality than ones shown on website -No hardware transmitter -Low range -Difficult to take selfies once my video is posted please check it out for a more detailed review

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  • 27/07/2017

    Me llego bien embalado, en excelente estado, sin daños, la calidad es acorde al precio,necesitas tener paciencia para usarlo en un lugar amplio o exterior, ha llebado varios golpes pero no ha tenido ni un daño se ha caido y las elices siguen funcionando. les dejo unas fotos lo recomiendo al producto y al vendedor.

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  • 17/11/2017

    Камера у данного квадрокоптера ужасная, можете глянуть в моем обзоре . Назвать его таковым не могу. Приложение для управления им по QR коду очень побило его и нужно другое использовать.

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  • 27/07/2017

    É um equipamento pequeno mas com o controle via celular fica complicado de controlar para um iniciante, já os mais experientes vão ter pouca dificuldade e controlar. É um equipamento que tem bastante manutenção, pois qualquer queda ou batida tem que trocar as hélices, pois o eixo fica solto. Mas no mais e uma boa diversão.

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  • 29/03/2017

    This is realy a very nice selfie-drone. But, if you're an inexperienced drone-pilot, you need to practice flying with it. It's not as easy as the movies on the selling-page make you believe. The drone reacts a little slow on the commands you give with your phone, so you have to think ahead. And even than: if you are used to a RC-flightcontroller, working with the touchscreen of your phone is something else. So even some experienced fliers need to practice with this too. Therefore it is a good thing that Eachine has put some extra parts in the box as well...

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  • 06/02/2017

    Unfortunately, I apparently did not have the same experience as most of the other reviewers. I found the E-50 and the downloadable software not that easy to use. It has taken 4 days and 8 sessions to get the drone to hover. It also exhibits an intermittent propensity for shutting itself down after a not-so-soft landing. When this happens, I find I must go trough connection sequence each time. Once in the air, the controls work quite well. However, you will find that the transition from the tactile feel of a normal controller, and the virtual one on your cell phone, can be problematic. Another observation is that battery life is shorter than anticipated. At about 6 minutes a red indicator shows it is time to land. So far it is not the best flyer I have: the SYMA X5S and X8 work better. The software on the X5SW also works better.

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  • 25/01/2017

    It's a good object, even if it's a toys it match perfectly the expectation. The package contains the drone , battery, USB charge and some spare parts also, very good. The SW on Android works well, no problems at all. It contains a lot of feature and way to drive the drone plus all info and help. Used it on mobile phone 5" with good results. WiFi connection in 10m of range is stable and the connection happen immediately. The camera works well even if the quality is not HD but at home with low light works well in any case, I've to test it out with sun light. Tried a small video and looks well... I've to test it intensively. The only bad point is the battery connector, to charge the battery you must unplug it from the drone and use the USB charge (included). The connector is really small and my fear is that charge by charge the connector or battery wires may be damaged.

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