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TEAMERICA 2018-06-23 13:43:07
This is a pretty nice little device. At first, I thought the battery might be a little small and it is. it doesn't fill all the available space inside the case. On the second cycle, I pulled it fresh off the USB charge and hooked it up to run. Within about 4 minutes, the battery level indicator on the screen showed about 1/2 charge remaining. So, I left it on and watched it to see when it got low enough to start effecting the signal or video. Surprisingly it went a full hour + a few minutes before the image started flickering. Of course the receiver was warm but not sizzling. And thru that hour, my iPhone 6 used 8% of it's battery. I'm impressed. This should be good for a couple flights on a charge. Took about 2 hours to charge but it didn't even get warm so I think my USB is only 1 amp. Also, I haven't seen it mentioned here but as it is scanning for your camera freq., it shows a graph on the screen of the signal strength it receives thru the entire spectrum. So you can click the scan button to get to the point of highest signal 2mhz at a time. I used the "UTools" app as well as the "Nitika Memory" app for IOS at the App Store. They operate the same.
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