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Q: the bag is included?

Preguntado por bouza55 sobre 2019-01-04 01:34:15

Arvycka Yes

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Arvycka You need to buy it separately - the one shown in the pictures is fake, or just a useless cap, either way it's not a dummy load.

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Arvycka Ho do these compare with Transformer SE? Since transformer also has low resolution and huge pixels in binocular mode. Which has bigger FOV?

For BG Ten 2018-12-03 02:33:39
Preface: I have several box goggles (Fatshark Transformers SE, VR006, VR007) and recently bought a Falcon FG-01 binocular-style type goggles. I got the Prime 1s as backup goggles. I wear glasses (+3 diopter) and have a broad Asian face. I haven't flown with these yet, so these are just my initial impressions. Fit: Faceplate is kinda narrow, but ultimately fits OK. At nearly 400g, with a largish battery located at the far end of the goggles, its not particularly lightweight and the top strap is essential to help distribute that weight comfortably. I can *just* about get an OK focus for my eyes using the built-in diopter adjustment. Younger folks may find and easier time focusing (I am 49). IPD adjustment works fine and I had no problem finding a sweet spot. They're not my most comfy set of goggles and I suppose I could get used to them. No glaring issues of comfort for me. For less weight hanging off my face, I'll prolly remove the substantial built-in battery and power the goggles from a lipo behind my head. Its an easy mod and reversible too. Image quality: OK, the FOV is generous. If you're coming from other box goggles, it won't seem as huge and immersive, but its certainly not small. When you do get good focus, you'll notice some screendoor effect ie. you can see the individual pixels. 480 vertical res isn't bad (I've flown happily with 270 vertical pixels for years) and the screendoor thing doesnt bother me, but that turns you off, then these goggles may not be for you. I also find the default settings a little dim and washed out... I had to crank up most of the settings to get video to my taste. Build quality: Overall, I'd say they don't look nasty cheap at all. One could easily peg these at twice their price for the quality of plastics and other materials used. The parts go together well and packaging was tidy and clean. Its nice they included spare faceplate foam, flat charging cable and cleaning cloth. Some annoyances: Mine did NOT come with any antennas. Not even rubber duckies. I dunno what's the deal with that additional black plastic cover... its extra cost, weight and complication with no apparent benefit whatsoever, apart from questionable aesthetics. A decal would have sufficed. Summary: I like these goggles. They are FAR superior to anything else at this price, and certainly MILEs ahead of any goggles that I flew with as a beginner. They are smaller and less dorky than most any other box style goggle, with a fairly complete feature set (DVR, real dual VRx diversity, diopter adjustment).
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Jannes There is no huge wall really. More like a black tube where the air can flow freely passing the ESC to the propeller. I would love to see this wing in in a windtunnel with smoke though.

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