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Allin The red wire contects to the daytime running light, this product not only use as a headlight, it also can use as a daytime running light.

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Q: Does it mean 3.00 Kilowatt?

Preguntado por AvinashKotwal sobre 2018-04-03 10:35:36

prootz That is what it claims, but it is, or was wrong on two major things. The power cannot come even close to the wattage that is claimed. It has a fuse rated at 40 amps at 12.6 volts, if you do the math, the absolute most power available to be inverted without blowing that fuse equals 504 watts, realistically this is a 300 to 400 watt inverter! They originally also claimed to be Pure Sine Wave, reality is that it is not. They also didn't make good on giving me a fully deserved refund, even though the claim of 3000 watts is poppycock. Banggood must have changed owners, they never were sleazy like this before to me!

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prootz The correct answer is that they Lie! I already ordered one, and now that I know it isn't "Pure Sine Wave", I will be demanding a refund when it arrives.

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prootz 2018-02-16 22:38:52
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Ash2020 Open voltage, Voc is 14V. So it should charge 12v battery (maybe three 18650 batteries in series).

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