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pallially60 1/3rd of the wing chord from the leading edge is always a safe place to balance the CG. Start there and fine tune as required.

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Shaun 2018-03-19 11:33:08
This is a build up kit with formers and stringers. The laser cut parts fit together nicely, but not at StevensAero level of precision. This is a $20 kit after all. There're some issues: 1. Scarce instructions. There're only two partial plans included with the kit. They are all top projection views, but no side and front projection views for H and V stab alignment. There is a PDF downloadable instruction, but there's no detailed view of how horizontal and vertical stab are installed to the tail. Simply gluing on the stringers are too weak. 2. Need one more former for the mid-rear fuselage for better strength and accuracy. 3. Weak stringers. The stringers are not standard and more common 2mm balsa strips you would find in a lot of other balsa build up RC kits. The stringers are actually laser sliced from 2mm balsa sheets in this kit. The sliced stringers are extremely delicate. They crack with even slightest push or bend. The kit should’ve used more dense grade stringers. So I had to scratch built the rear fuse to make sure the H and V stabs will be installed securely. I also added 1/32 balsa sheeting on top of formers/stringers for more strength. 4. The stringer slots on the formers are not consistent in size. Some are shallower and some are deeper. This resulted a less smooth surface when I started to cover the planes. 5. No nose lead weight provided. This is a short nose plane. Some lead fishing sinks should’ve been provided to the kit for balance the center of the gravity of the plane. 6. The vac formed canopy was crushed when I opened the kit. I didn’t plan to use the kit canopy anyway. So that didn’t bother me much. After about 2 weeks of gradual and slow building and figuring out how to mod it to a 2S 180 brushless power set up with enough structural strength, the plane came out pretty good I think. The build up former/stringer type of RC models are not for beginners. This kit certainly lacks enough clear instructions and plans for even experienced builders. At 1/32 scale, this plane is actually pretty good for a rubber powered free flight set up.
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Shaun The building instruction is on this page. It's a PDF download. Scroll up this page you will see a link "English Manual". However, I agree. The kit is missing a full size plan. It only had two sheets of partial plans which is only top view. No front and side views for checking the horizontal and vertical stabilizer alignment and positioning. I just submitted my own review. It's pending BG approval.

Probes 2018-02-15 20:14:57
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