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TuccoBenedicto 2020-05-16 05:54:06
Really good idea this, 35mm props on a 65mm frame is next generation whoop stuff imo so I was super excited when it arrived. First impressions were that the camera angle is a bit steep and the way the vtx and cam are crammed into the canopy means you must tilt vtx up to change cam angle. Camera itself is ok, lens is a bit narrow for my liking but you get use to it. The VTX is really good, tiny with a connector and u.fl for antenna which is great. FC seems okay, has 4.1 on it and flies quite well out of the box with what I assume is Jazz maverick/ JESC firmware on it although I can’t say I have noticed much in extra flight time. Had motor stop turned on in Betaflight too which I thought was odd and I turned off and I turned airmode to permanently on too, Batteries that came with it are the standard 300mah eachine lipos and are not too bad really, but can’t handle a thrashing like some out there ( I prefer mylipo 333) Worst thing I have found with this quad is the frame, I broke mine within 4 packs. It’s that rigid plastic that just doesn’t quite give enough when crashed, I think we will have to hope Betafpv make some like the meteor65 material but to suit 35mm props as currently this frame is not in stock and is the only option. In short, this is pretty good really as those extra 5mm of prop makes quite a difference. My plan is to maybe try and lighten the quad with a better camera mount, maybe swap cams to the TW Pinch cam. I would like to change motors to the 0603 as I think they are just as good as the 0802 but lighter and just as efficient, although that isn’t totally necessary. Oh and maybe put betaflight 3.5.7 on instead as I prefer that on all my micros, and lastly hope someone else makes a superior frame in time and perhaps gemfan or hq can make a better 35mm prop too!
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