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ChigzTechReviews 2018-07-09 00:54:28
Watch my full review: https://youtu.be/Q25ElSyKg3M Pros: Great build quality/design Very easy to use /point & shoot Powers on in 2 seconds/ Fast in operation Long battery life (100mins) Excellent very stable EIS Real Native 4K @ 60fps Clear photos Bright responsive touchscreen Decent Audio in wind 2 channel MIC Built in Wifi Multi-functional USB C Port External Mic Supported Cons: No accessories included NO EIS @ 4K 60fps Digital Zoom is not good This camera is abaoletly amazing, 4K @ 60fps with a gimbal was the one of best quality videos I have ever taken on an action camera and 4K @ 30fps with EIS is where this camera shines, the stablisation was near perfect in every situation from running, walking and scootering.
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  • Banggooder And how much SJCAM paid for your reviewjQuery191036888650718933214_1531761270669 The camera is not so perfect as you say. The EIS is still far away from being perfect. The diplay/cam freezes often and you need to take out the battery for min.10 sec to get it work (reboot) again. And the sound qualitiy of the internal mic is terrible.

    Reponder 2018-07-16 12:23:54
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