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Van 18/06/2022
Ήρθε στην ώρα του και χωρίς πρόβλημα , το εγκατέστησα και ολλα πήγαν καλά εκτός από την οθόνη του ενισχυτή που δεν δουλεύει , αλλά το σήμα το έχει καμπάνα !! στη φωτο φαίνετε ο ενισχυτής που δεν λειτουργή η οθόνη . ο ενισχυτής δουλεύει όμως !! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It came on time and without any problem, I installed it and everything went well except the amplifier screen which does not work, but the signal has a bell !! the photo shows the amplifier that the screen does not work. the amplifier works though !! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ty Banggood !!
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  • XristosGlezellis 1) You have to move the antenna with direction at company antenna station ( there are various applications that show you where the provider's antennas are, you aim at the closest one )
    2)You have to see what frequencies it supports based on the provider company you have.
    Also this is a speech NOT DATA system.
    As we can see from the pictures, your flag is full

    Reponder 02/11/2022
  • EFTYCHIOSM hi friend!works good to greece?i want to stregneth 4 g signal for internet.

    Reponder 27/02/2024
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