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Q: Why does it look like a dick?

gefragt von martin12165 auf 2018-09-22 09:43:43

Mike Because fish smell like bad pussy. Bad pussy likes to chase dick.

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Q: You are aware that this tank is the Walker Bulldog, not the Wacker Bulldog?

gefragt von Stephen Yates auf 2019-02-24 02:54:15

Mike It is a Walker Bulldog, not Wacker. you guys named it wrong 😂

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Q: can i use this for door opener via mobile?

gefragt von gemini3656 auf 2019-09-28 01:18:32

Mike wifi frequency is 2.4 but it doesn't mean you couldn't transmit any other type of info in that band other than Wifi computer info. RC hobbies transmit on 2.4ghz as well.

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Q: is this work with tx16s radio transmitter

gefragt von BG494844141 auf 2020-06-07 10:12:52

Mike It is now but you must modify the T16s by soldering 2 jumper wires and installing an update to OpenTx.

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Mike I also received wrong gauge as you. Not for same use and half the monetary value.

BG181117411 21/03/2020
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