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Neo2121 Banggood refused to refund unless I mail it back to China, so I took it apart and found the problem. The actual solar panel has a sheet of FR4 (pcb material, but thin) on the back to make it more rigid. There's nothing holding these two sheets together asides from some tape in 2 corners. Because of this the FR4 sheet moves around independent of the solar panel and cuts the very fragile metal tabs that connect power to the panels. I had to unstitch the fabric and carefully resolder the connection. If you get one of these, it would be wise to unstitch the fabric where the panels meet at the middle and put some strong double sided tape between the panel and the FR4 sheet so they always move as 1 piece, otherwise it will be very prone to breaking when you move the product around.

Neo2121 16/05/2022
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Q: What is the "gearshift" for? Is there a motorgearbox combo?

gefragt von bionikcobra auf 2019-05-19 01:27:34

Neo2121 Basically it limits how many amps it puts through the motor. Kind of like eco/low/medium/high settings on scooters. More = faster acceleration.

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