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Sykoma i\'ve been using this camera for a couple of week and i have found the battery life is way better than the other model i bought with 4k 60fps and a touch screen. they look identical and take the same battery so my thoughts are the touch screen drains the battery.

Sykoma 04/09/2021
I would give this action camera 5 stars but for a couple of things. I've tested this camera thoroughly for 1 day. the battery life at new is 50 minutes at 4k 30 frames per second without WiFi and the screen turning off after 1 minute this is what you would expect. the frame rate seems to be true 60 frames per second at 4 k I reduced the speed to 1/3 normal speed 20 frames per second and still saw smooth play back. the wide angle distortion correction works well. there is no high dinemic range but colours seem good. low light video is not the best and get grainy quickly. I do not like the water proof case very much for two reasons. one the lens cover is not recessed and the plastic will scratch easily. two the clip does not lock and can be knocked open easily. the WiFi connection works well the phone picks up the ssid very fast and connect. the application is not the best but works. the settings on the camera and application are easily accessible but not to straight forward. I have no idea how the firmware would be updated and expect it probably would not be. the file format is .mov which is an apple format rather than MP4 which is the more universal. playback should not be a problem but editing maybe. mov is supposed to be a higher quality though but that also depends on the compression which is not given. the accessories are the standard ones you would expect. the remote control is binded to the camera. I don't know if it can be used with other cameras or changed there are no settings for this.
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